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Advanced Laboratory Testing

At Rupp Chiropractic & Advanced Nutrition we offer a Complete Laboratory Workup.

  • Blood Panels (Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose, and MANY more)

  • Urinalysis (Microscopic and Chemical)

  • Allergy Testing (Foods, Chemicals and Food Additives)

  • Hair Analysis & Heavy Metal Testing

  • Saliva Testing (Adrenal & Hormone)

  • Comprehensive Thyroid Testing

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis

  • Nutritional Counseling (Complete line of Nutraceuticals-Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes)

Labs including blood, urine, hair and saliva tests are essential in not only diagnosis of illness, but to successful management of treatment. We provide the most complete laboratory services. We offer a full range of testing options from simple blood tests and urinalysis to advanced assessment of cardiovascular risk markers and early detection screening markers for cancer as well as advanced male and female hormone analysis.

What to expect if the Doctor orders Laboratory Tests?

If the Doctor needs labs taken as a part of your care, we will preform the necessary tests in office and have them shipped to the local lab. The results are sent back to our office. Occasionally there are other tests that you will take home and bring back to us upon completion.

When the lab results are back, you will be contacted by our office and scheduled for a follow-up Report of Findings appointment. This appointment will be another one on one consultation with the Doctor explaining the tests and the results in detail. At the time, your plan of care will also be outlined.

Spouses and family members are encouraged to attend these appointments as we feel it is important that the whole family understand the care that their loved ones are receiving.