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Rupp Chiropractic & Advanced Nutrition in Omaha NE

If an individual comes in to the clinic with an injury or illness that falls outside the scope of practice for Rupp Chiropractic & Advanced Nutrition, then it is their responsibility to refer the patient to someone that will be able to legally handle the problem of the patient. These referrals will come from a network of individuals that include, but not limited to a general practitioner, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, dermatologist, pain management specialist, psychologist, internist, dentist, ophthalmologist, rheumatologist, Ob/Gyn, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and an imaging center for x-rays, MRI, CT, and Bone Scans. The medical community and chiropractic community have become more intertwined throughout the past decade. The benefits that patients receive with co-managed treatment from both medical doctors and chiropractors are paving a way towards a new form of health care.